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Windows and Heating Loss: Here’s What You Need To Know

Windows and Heating Loss: Here’s What You Need To Know

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Windows and Heat Loss

Winter in New England can be brutal! When your heating system is working overtime to keep your home warm, it’s important to make sure you don’t have significant air leaks. You wouldn’t run the heat in the house with the windows open in the winter, would you? Of course not! Unfortunately, when you have multiple air leaks in the house, this is the exact effect happening within your home. 

Here are two major sources of heat loss during the winter:

Open Doors and Windows

Leaving doors and windows open is a quick way to deplete heat from the home, accounting for a surprising 10-11% of all heating loss each year. Be sure you caulk and repair spaces in the home prior to the winter and check for weather stripping to patch up windows and doors before kicking on the heat. Check door window glass and screens, replacing them if they are not fully intact or secure. Additionally, check for dents or other possible openings of exterior doors in your house.

Air Conditioners

At times it seems the winter arrives just as summer is ending. Even so,it is important to remove current window air conditioning units swiftly to keep cold air from freely flowing into the home, especially when running your heat. Some homeowners prefer keeping window air conditioning units in place throughout an entire year, which, over time, is likely to cause cool air drafts from surrounding areas of the unit. Properly store your air conditioner away in its original box or in a safe, dry space to keep your windows closed at all times. This will help you to save as much energy as possible while cutting back on overspending on heat.

If you suspect your windows are leading to significant heat loss, call the experts at The Window Source. We offer a wide range of products and solutions to help keep your heat in your home. We’re ready to help you today!

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