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Leaky Windows: How to Keep Windows Watertight

Leaky Windows: How to Keep Windows Watertight

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Do you have water leaking inside your home when it rains? On a rainy day, do you notice a path of water running down your windows? If so, then you probably have a window leak. Over time, almost all windows will leak. Leaking windows are a big problem for many reasons. They drive up the cost of your heating and air conditioning. Plus, they can do real aesthetic and structural damage to your home due to mold and mildew. Therefore, it is essential to figure out where the water is coming from and how to fix it. Don’t wait too long or you’ll likely end up dealing with large home repair bills later.

Find The Source Of The Leak

First, check the exterior window openings for damaged or peeled caulk. Remove any caulking that is damaged and cleans the outside of the frame well. Then, recaulk around the structure.

Next, check the gasket and sealant between the window frame and the glass. If the seal or gasket has failed, then moisture will form between the two panes of glass. This could mean that the seal is no longer watertight. In this case, you can try sealing the lens to the gasket with some clear silicone caulk.

Next, check the sill, which is the bottom flat part of the window frame. Make sure the window is pitched correctly so that the water drains to the exterior. Also, check the trim and wood frame to determine if the wood is decaying. Poke the wood with a screwdriver. If it feels soft, then it is delayed. You will probably need a window replacement if the wood is decaying around your window.

Fixing Window Leaks

There are many reasons why windows leak. And, there are many fixes for window leaks depending on the cause of the hole. First, try removing and replacing the damaged caulking, checking and re-sealing the gasket with clear caulk and making sure that the bottom of the window is pitched downward for proper draining.

If those things don’t work, then it is time to call an experienced window replacement professional. If you are located in New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Southern Maine, consider calling the professionals at The Window Source New Hampshire for a FREE in-home estimate. It takes 30 minutes, and you are under no obligation. The Professionals at The Window Source can help you discover precisely what the problem is and how to remedy it.

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