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How To Wash Your Home’s Exterior

How To Wash Your Home’s Exterior

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One of the easiest ways to boost the curb appeal of your home is to thoroughly clean the exterior. Some homeowner’s associations require homeowners to keep the exterior of their home clean. Here are some tips to help you clean the exterior of your home without damaging your siding or landscaping.


Before actually cleaning your exterior, you need to do several things to prepare your home for pressure washing.

Select The Right Cleaning Solution

If you have mold on the exterior of your home, purchase an exterior cleaning solution that is specially formulated to clean mold.

Choose A Nozzle

Pressure washer nozzles come in several sizes. You’ll want to choose the lowest-pressure nozzle possible to avoid damaging your siding. The nozzles are measured in degrees. The lower the number, the higher the pressure. So, start with a 40-degree nozzle. You can work your way to a 25-degree nozzle if needed.

Secure Windows and Doors

Make sure all of your windows and doors are closed tightly before beginning. If you have damage to doors or windows, replace them before cleaning the exterior of your home. Using a pressure washer on damaged windows or doors could cause them to break.

Examine Siding

If your siding is damaged, you do not want to power wash it. Therefore, do a complete inspection of your siding before beginning. Look for rips or tears from hail, basketballs and lawnmowers. Consider replacing your siding if you have a lot of damage.

Keep All Kids And Pets Inside

Pressure washers are power tools. The water that comes from a power washer is extremely strong. Spraying someone with a power washer can cause serious injury. The spray can slice through skin in an instant. Pets are also at risk from power washers. Therefore, keep all pets and children away when you are cleaning the exterior.

Cover Nearby Plants

If you have plants growing near your house, cover them up with plastic before starting so that you don’t damage them. Also, try to avoid directly spraying the area. Never pressure wash an area of the house that has vines or roses growing on it. Use a garden hose instead.


After prepping, you are ready to wash the exterior.

  • Direct the spray downward – Don’t spray at an upward angle. Spray downward to prevent water from getting stuck in cracks and seams in your siding.
  • Spray a small section first – After spraying a small section, examine it to ensure that there is no damage. If you notice damage, then switch to a regular water hose instead.
  • Work from the bottom of your house to the top. Use a steady side-to-side motion as your spray.
  • Keep the hose moving. Spraying one spot for too long can cause damage.
  • Rinse – Finally, rinse your home from top to bottom.

For more home maintenance tips and tricks, visit our blog. If you have damaged siding that needs replaced, call us for a free estimate. We serve residents of Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.

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