Best Home Maintenance Projects For The End Of Summer

Best Home Maintenance Projects For The End Of Summer

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Summer is drawing to an end. Pretty soon, it will be time to close up the swimming pool, take one last summer road trip and get ready for colder temperatures. The end of summer also means preparing your home for the fall and winter ahead. Certain tasks ideally should be completed in the late summer or early fall. Here are some home maintenance projects to tackle before autumn comes around.

Stain Your Fence Or Deck

Your fence and decking should be stained every three to four years to keep it looking good and prevent damage from the elements. The best time of the year to stain a deck or fence is during the late summer or early fall. Extreme heat and sun make it a bad idea to stain a fence in the summer, and the frequent rain makes spring equally bad. During late summer, the temperatures are mild, which is perfect for staining wood. If you stain your deck or fence when it is too hot, the stain why dry too quickly, which can lead to streaks and poor penetration.

Before you stain the fence or deck, clean it thoroughly with a fence cleaner. Then, inspect it for damage. After cleaning the deck or fence and repairing any damage, you will then be ready to tackle the stain and waterproofing.

Clean And Organize Your Garage

Storing your vehicle in the garage will prolong its life and keep in cleaner. Leaving your car outside in the winter exposes it to wind, rain, and ice. Plus, it is no fun getting inside a cold car in the dead of winter. Therefore, tackling the garage now so that you’ll be ready when the cold temperatures set in.

Start by throwing away all garbage and broken items. Next, sort out things that you haven’t used in a long time. These can be donated to charity. After you have purged everything that you no longer need, clean the garage well. Now would be the time to add an epoxy coating to the garage floor if it is heavily stained. You can also add storage if needed.

Ready Your Entryway For The Winter

With people tracking mud, snow, and ice, it is all too easy for your entryway to become a slippery mess in the winter. Do you have a place inside your entryway door to collect footwear and outerwear over the winter? If you do not already have a mudroom, now is the perfect time to make one. A mudroom helps keep your doorway organized and tidy in the winter. It also provides a place for hats, scarves, winter boots and more.

To make a simple mudroom, add an entryway bench that features a padded seat on top and organizational cubbies below. You can also add a coat or wall rack above the bench for coat storage. If you have room inside your entryway, a hall tree is a mudroom must-have. This large piece of furniture features a bench, drawers for cubbies and hooks for coats.

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Best Basement Remodel Ideas

Best Basement Remodel Ideas

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Make Your Basement More Enjoyable And Suited To Your Lifestyle With These Useful Tips

If you have a basement, you are in luck. Unfortunately, many homeowners have problems seeing past the limitations of a cellar. Therefore, their spaces are often not used up to their full potential.

The first step of making the most out of your basement is to consider your lifestyle. Are you a fitness buff? If so, then maybe a basement gym is the best use of this space for you. Or, if you have in-laws living with you, perhaps you would get more use out of an in-law suite. Here are some creative ideas for basements.

Art Studio

If you are an artist or enjoy doing art on the side, it might be great to have a private area so you can create art. A basement art studio can also help you keep your art projects separate from your central living area. To generate a basement art studio, you will need to have a lot of light. Hooper windows are the perfect solution for adding both ventilation and light to a lower level. Ventilation is essential when it comes to art studios as a lot of the materials have fumes.

Laundry Room

A basement is a great space for a laundry room for several reasons. It keeps noise to a minimum. Plus, it is out of the way of high-traffic areas. And, you won’t have to look at a bunch of laundries piling up in your central living area. Add a couple of basement hopper windows to brighten up space so you won’t mind coming down to do laundry. You might consider also adding a small office too. That way, you can get caught up on work while you are waiting for the laundry.

Sports Bar

Forget about the neighborhood sports bar. Enjoy the game right in the comfort of your own home. To entertain in style and bring the party home, incorporate a gas fireplace, big-screen TV, pool table and seating areas to your basement bar area. You’ll have plenty of things to keep the crowd entertained for hours.

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3 Of The Best Tips For Outdoor Living Spaces

3 Of The Best Tips For Outdoor Living Spaces

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Outdoor rooms and living spaces continue to be very popular this year. It is  that so many homeowners want to add a living area outdoors. With the long, sunny days and gorgeous breezy weather, who doesn’t want to be outside as much as possible?

You can create a comfortable, functional and stylish outdoor space with the right planning even if you have just a patio, deck or just a small porch.

Here are some of the best ideas to transform any outdoor living space into a charming hideaway for family and friends to gather and enjoy warm summer evenings.

#1 Imagine A Room

To create an intimate gathering space in your backyard, start by imaging a room without walls. Create a lounging area for socializing or reading with an outdoor sofa. Decorate your seasonal living space just as you would your living room. Group critical pieces like armchairs and a fire pit around the couch. Then add some accessories for personality and flair. Consider festive glass lanterns or a string of vibrant lights.

#2 Blur The Line Between Indoor And Outdoor Living

Creating a secure connection between your outdoor living space and indoors can make your home feel more open and airy. Some ideas for blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors include:

  • Install a window right above the kitchen. A window can frame your outdoor space and provide ventilation.
  • Create a seamless flow with patio doors – Patio doors are a great option when it comes to connecting the indoors with the outdoors.
  • Consider a corner window – Corner windows do a great job of bringing the outdoors in, and they can be used to provide excellent views of a backyard retreat.

#3 Set The Scene For Alfresco Dining

Dine all summer outdoors along with a functional, fun alfresco dining area. The first step is to decide what type of dining space you need. Do you want a private area just for two or a large setup for entertaining family and friends? After you decide on the structure, choose the appropriate outdoor furniture for your space. Make sure that it is mildew-resistant and waterproof. Next, add an umbrella or another covering to protect from the sun. Make it easy to carry dishes from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor dining area with a set of patio or french doors.

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4 Great Home Improvement Projects

4 Great Home Improvement Projects

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There are many things that you can do to make your home more efficient, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  While it would be nice if the sky were the limit when it comes to home renovations, most of us have a limited budget. So, which projects will make a significant impact on your home and add value? Here are x projects that will make any home better.

#1 Add Curb Appeal With A New Front Door

This is one of the easiest ways to add instant curb appeal to your home. It is likely the first thing that your guests notice when they enter your home. Plus, a new front door can save you money on energy bills if your old one is not doing a great job of keeping the weather out. Plus, a new entry can add security to your home, as well. Many of today’s front doors are designed to be energy-efficient and durable. They help maximize the comfort in your home and keep the occupant’s safe thanks to sturdy materials. With so many benefits, why not upgrade your door today?

#2 Replace Old Windows With Energy-Efficient Ones

If you have older windows in your home, they could be letting in a lot of other things besides light including drafts, heat and humidity. This can decrease your home’s ability to function efficiently.

Newer, more energy-efficient windows can substantially cut down on heating and cooling costs. The United States Department of Energy estimates heat gain and loss is responsible for as much as 30 percent of energy use in a home. Aside from the energy savings, new windows can also improve your comfort, reduce condensation and enhance your security.

#3 Transform Your Home’s Exterior With New Siding

What do you see when you look at your home’s exterior? Is the siding worn, damaged or dirty? If so, then it mostly detracts from your curb appeal. Your siding helps to define the look and style of your home. It also serves an important functional purpose, and that is to shield your home from the elements. When your siding is damaged, this reduces its ability to perform its job. There are many different siding options available. Talk with an expert to determine what is best for your home.

#4 Install A Reading Nook

A reading nook is a simple, inexpensive way to add value and function to your home. The best spot for a reading nook is right under a large bay window. This type of window projects out from the wall and provides the perfect space for a window seat. You can transform this area into a reading nook for between $1,000 to $3,000. It might cost a bit more if you want to add storage underneath the window seat.

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Spring Projects: A Cozy Window Seat

Spring Projects: A Cozy Window Seat

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A window seat adds style and comfort to your home.

An incredible view and a comfy place to curl up and relax makes a window seat one of the best places in any home. Bright sunlight and an airy breeze makes a window seat the perfect place for relaxing after a long day at work.

Window seats are a trendy interior design feature. They add both functionality and style to a room. Drawers or cabinets can be placed underneath for extra storage. Plus, window seats can be placed under just about any window. So, you can make a lounging area in any room in your home.

Here is a guide to help you find the perfect space and personalize the window seat for your area.

Choose The Space

Select the best space in your home for the window seat. If you have a bay window, for instance, you can design a bumped out window seat.  This allows you to take advantage of the space below the bay window. Placing a window seat underneath a bay window can eliminate the need for additional seating in the room. It will also give the space a simple, clean look.

Blend With The Room

Choose cabinetry that will help the window seat blend in with the rest of the room. This will make the seat appear to be an extension of the room.

Add Accessories

Make your window seat as inviting as possible by accessorizing with plush, pretty pillows, warm throw blankets and more. Hang exciting artwork near the bench.

Make It + Stylish Functional

Ensure that your window seat area is as functional as possible. Add plentiful storage in the form of drawers or cabinets underneath the seat. Use roomy built-in drawers to store extra blankets or other items. If the window seat is located in a home office, add a set of drawers underneath for storage.

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4 Ways to Revitalize Your Home’s Exterior

4 Ways to Revitalize Your Home’s Exterior

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A beautiful home exterior makes a house memorable. If you are selling your house, the exterior can make or break a potential sale. If you aren’t selling your home, consider updating your home’s exterior for an easy way to make a good first impression on visitors to your home. Plus, it will make your house stand out from every other home on the block. Want to revitalize a ho-hum exterior? Here are some ideas that are perfect for any budget.

Start With A Basic Cleanup

One of the most important things that you can do to amp up your curb appeal is to tidy up the exterior of your home. This cost next to nothing to do and can transform your exterior. It is easy to get started, too. Mow your lawn and take care of any weeds. Spread fresh mulch around your trees and flower beds. Not only will this make your yard look beautiful, but it will also help your trees and plants better retain moisture; which helps to keep them healthy.  If the trim on your house is dull or chipped, repaint it. Powerwash your siding if you notice mildew or staining.

Upgrade Your Front Door

A new front door will update your home’s appearance and improve safety and security. Plus, a door upgrade is one of the best ways to increase resale value for less. A recent study by Therma-Tru found that a new door can add $8000 to the value of a $190,000 home. This is a significant return on investment.

If you want to make a statement, then match your door color to the exterior. If you have a charcoal colored exterior or trim, then try a lime colored door. A straw-yellow door looks great with a sage green exterior or accents.

Get Rid Of Inefficient Windows

If your windows look outdated and don’t blend in well with the rest of your exterior or if they are chipped or water-stained, then it’s time for new windows. You’ll be surprised at how much of a change new windows can make—both to the exterior of your home and on your electric bill. Old windows not only look bad, but they also contribute to a significant loss of energy in your home. Drafty rooms or whistling noises when it’s windy means that your windows need to be replaced.

Update Worn-Out Siding

Over time siding can become damaged from wind, hail and the sun. If you fail to repair or replace damaged siding, then water can infiltrate your home.

Aside from protecting your home, your siding establishes the style of your exterior. New siding can dramatically change the appearance of your home. Vinyl siding is a durable, affordable option that is available in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose something that appeals to both your wallet and style.

Siding should be left to the professionals. Although it may look easy, installing siding is not for beginners. Trimming around window and door openings is challenging and easy to get wrong.

For more tips and ideas about exterior projects, visit The Window Source. We offer the highest quality professionally installed windows, doors, and siding at an affordable cost.

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